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With Amed at mid point, the rugged coastline marks the northeast boundary of Bali`s largest regency. Reminder of the grand old days of kings and courts, the palace at Amlapura and the royal bathing pools of Ujung and Tirtagangga. On the road to Amed the mountain peak and tumble into spectacular rice terraces where the hand of man has consummated the Balinese extraordinary marriage with nature.

Amed Bali Hotels Area

Coral View Villas in Amed Bali

Coral View Villas

Coral View is built right along the shore where the sailboats beach after a night out fishing. Here you dine at the edge of the ocean on the freshest lobster, calamari and baked snapper and sleep with the lullaby of the sea washing the beach below your thatched terrace.
Hidden Paradise  in Amed Bali

Hidden Paradise

Hidden Paradise Cottages is a cozy garden retreat where the breath of the sea adds a lively tang to the perfume of magnolia, jasmine and frangipani blooms.
Santai Bali  in Amed Bali

Santai Bali

Santai is an oasis: a place where the gentle wash of the waves sweeps all ordinary cares away, where the hypnotic sway of the palm trees seduces you into a world where there are no phones, no schedules and no interruptions.


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